Social Security Disability Lawyers in Lafayette, LA

Social Security Disability information on lawyers and attorneys in Lafayette, Louisiana

downtown-lafayetteHere you will find information about Lafayette, Louisiana Social Security Disability Lawyers and Attorneys.  In Louisiana, there are few exclusive Social Security Attorneys that focus on working with cases heard by the social security administration. Whether you are filing a claim for SSD or SSI, you need adequate legal counsel from a law firm that has worked in that field.

Some common questions to selecting an attorney is the following:

What is Social Security Disability?

What kind of benefits are out there?

How can I qualify for those disability insurance benefits (DIB)?

What is considered Disabled?

How do you file a claim?

What is Supplemental Security Income (SSI)?

What should I do once I’ve been denied?

Why should I use an Attorney or Lawyer?

What should I look for in a Law Firm?

Social Security law is unlike many other fields in that a lot of judgement is left to the judges. Defining what is a disability preventing someone from working from someone trying to game the system can be an arduous task and can take a lot of convincing. Sometimes a handicapped person that really is incapable of working and providing for themselves is denied from receiving the proper assistance because the judge doesn’t fully understand their situation. The jobs of social security attorney’s is to know the legal definitions and process to help people present their cases to these judges with the best explanations possible and display their reasons for needing social security benefits.

The Social Security Administration’s purpose is to help administer these benefits and the purpose of SSD and SSI lawyers is to help people fight for their rights.

If you visit the SSA.Gov website you will find a lot of tools to help you verify how you can qualify but to really understand what you are looking at, you need to contact a professional.

If you are located in Lafayette and have these types of questions, you can ask for a free consultation from the Lafayette Social Security Disability Lawyers – Lemoine Law Firm which recently moved to 112 Oil Center Drive, Bldg. 13, Office 17 Lafayette, LA 70503